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8/7/17 The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently issued an important decision concerning permanent benefits for injured workers, which struck down a key provision of their law. For the past 20 years insurance companies were permitted to require injured workers to see a physician after two years to put a % on their permanent impairment. If the impairment rating (using a formula which was very arbitrary) was below 50%, the injured worker was no longer eligible for permanent weekly awards. We hope that the NYS Workers' Compensation Board has become aware of this recent, important decision. The NYS Workers' Compensation Board has been attempting to require injured workers to begin the process of "capping" their weekly benefits after two years, without considering all of the realistic factors which prevent them from being able to re-enter the work force.

7/24/2017  The New York Workers' Compensation Board has recently issued new forms which must be filled out in order to document a proper job search and to be attached to the labor market. This must be done by anyone who is partially disabled and out of work, in order to be able to collect benefits.