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What Steps Should I Take If I Am Injured At Work?

Immediately after a work injury or illness, you may have several questions about New York workers’ compensation laws. You might wonder exactly what to do if you suffer an injury at work. You may also be thinking about ways to speed up the claims process so you can get the benefits you need right away.

We’ve Helped Countless Injured Workers Navigate The Process

At The Law Offices of Lee S. Braunstein, P.C., our attorneys know the ins and outs of New York workers’ compensation laws and procedures to the point that you can be confident you are getting the best advice for your claim and the best representation for your case. Our lawyers have helped countless injured workers in Nassau County, Long Island and the five boroughs of New York City, New York, navigate the complex workers’ compensation system to get the maximum compensation they deserve.

Protect Yourself With These Three Steps

As you take these steps, it may be wise to consult with an attorney if you are unsure of exactly what to do, what your rights are or whether your employer is abiding by the law:

  1. Immediately after your injury, illness or accident, seek appropriate medical care or treatment. Your employer’s insurance company may argue that your injury or illness was not as bad or severe as you claim if they see that you delayed medical care.
  2. Report the injury, accident or illness to your employer. New York has a statutory deadline of 30 days to report this to your employer. It is best to notify the employer soon after you are injured. Because the report is required to be in writing, it may be a good idea to have an attorney review your report (or help you write it) before submitting it to your supervisor. This is to make sure that your report does not include any details that could hurt your case or get your benefits denied.
  3. Fill out a workers’ compensation claim form. You can either get this from your employer or the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board. Because the form asks for many specific pieces of information and details, having an attorney who is skilled in this area can help you make sure there are no errors. This reduces your chances of losing benefits.

Pay Nothing Out Of Pocket For Aggressive Representation

Aggressive attorneys who do not have your best interests at heart represent both your employer and the workers’ compensation insurance company. Our no-fee promise makes it easy to secure quality attorneys who will pay attention to every detail of your case. Call our office in Westbury today at 516-739-3441, or visit our contact page.